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My name is Mitchell and I live in Augusta, GA. My heart is for my city. Seeing the power of the gospel impact my community is what I live for. I founded Pursuing the Gospel Ministries to be a connector of churches and organizations in the city of Augusta to the lost that live among us. Although we are all different in our theology and worship style, I believe we have been called to work together to spread the light of the gospel in every dark place of the world.

I have been a worship leader for 15 years and have spent 5 years on staff in the local church as a youth and worship pastor. My passion for ministry is to preach the gospel and connect the heart of the Lord to the lost. I also wanted to create a ministry that excels in equipping followers of Christ to share their faith with boldness.

Please feel free to follow along with my blog and sign up for our e-mailing list by entering your email address on our home page. I have always enjoyed writing so I wanted to create a place where I could share the things that I write and my stories of hope in ministry. As you read my posts, I hope that you can see my heart and the love that I have for Jesus. I believe that through everything that we aim to accomplish, the Gospel and the love of Christ should be the driving motivation for it all.

I’m an avid sports fan and I passionately talk about my favorite teams to anyone who will listen. I spend way too much time reading books and watching T.V. and Movies. Yes Netflix, I am still watching. I have the best community of family and friends that encourage me and empower me to walk in my faith and be the best me I can be. I am forever grateful for their lives.

If you have any questions or want to chat about anything on your heart or about something I have posted please feel free to message me on the “Contact Us” page! Feel free to follow Pursuing the Gospel Ministries Instagram page or my personal social media sites by clicking the icons to the right of this page!

God bless you all:)

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