The Book

THERE IS A DEEP YEARNING IN YOUR SOUL to tell people about your faith. You feel the power of the gospel message you carry for the lost and long to see them step into a relationship with the Lord. As you try to speak, you find yourself at a loss for words. Fear creeps in. “What do I say? What if they think I’m dumb or weird? No, the timing just isn’t right?”

We all have these fears regarding evangelism. Many of us feel unqualified. I want to tell you-you aren’t alone. Every Christian feels the tension of wanting to share Jesus with others and being rejected by the world. If what I’m describing resonates in your spirit, this book belongs to you.

Pursuing the Gospel was written to equip the evangelist to share their story with confidence. This book will give you the insight to help you navigate what a relational method of evangelism looks like. It also presents some practical tools that will empower you to live an evangelistic lifestyle every day.


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