About Us

Pursuing the Gospel Ministries was birthed from a passion to see the Gospel go forth into our communities with life-changing power. The heart of this ministry is that followers will be so radically changed by the love of Jesus that they can’t help but tell the world about His power and goodness! We are on a mission to see followers captivated so deeply by His love and to equip believers to share their faith with unwavering confidence and boldness.

Every believer has a unique story of how they’ve been transformed by the love of Jesus. At Pursuing the Gospel Ministries, we want to help you and every believer see and harness the power that story has on the lost. We have the ability and privilege to share Jesus with the world. We can all make a difference for the kingdom of God, one story at a time!

We are based in Augusta, GA and long for genuine revival to breakout out in our city! We have strong relationships with organizations and churches in our community and are always working on connecting more with those who are looking to build God’s Kingdom in powerful ways. Feel free to connect with us on our contact page if you have questions or want to know more about us and our ministry!

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